An online solopreneur that understands
the challenges, frustrations,
disappointment and confusion in trying
and failing to make money online.
Because that was me for years.
(Thankfully, things are much better

My mother always said if there was a
hard way to do something I’d find it!
Hi, Peter T Kavanagh here. A little bit
about my journey to successful online

My first career was in uniform. Started
as a soldier in the infantry and
finished as a Submarine Captain. When I
got out I started a crisis leadership
consultancy – I didn’t think I knew how
to do anything else.

That was a good second career and I had
a third one as an Executive with a
global mining company – but both those
jobs kept me away from home over 200
days a year. Every year. Not much better
than in uniform.

I wasn’t really living my life with the
people I was supposed to. So I started
looking for something else. That magical
passive income stream that would provide
geographical and financial independence.

Over the years I tried everything. I’d
work at nights after work – at home and
in hotel rooms.

I remember the first
money I made online. It was from adsense
(google advertising) for $.04!
Unfortunately it never got a lot bigger
than that. Google changed its algorithms
and I couldn’t seem to focus enough to
stay on top of it.

I tried affiliate marketing. Sold some
ebooks but nothing serious. A couple of
hundred dollars a month. I tried lead
generation and achieved zero dollars a

It seemed everything I started failed. I
bought course after course after course.
I went to internet marketing events, met
some big names and spoke to tons of
people. I just couldn’t get anything to
work – at least not long term.

I did have some success in the amazon
selling space. Somehow I managed to
focus and got to $300k in sales in the
first year. It didn’t last though and
the reason was me. I was so frustrated.

Then something happened that made me see
with complete clarity what I needed to

I wrote an ebook about how to sell on
amazon in partnership with one of
America’s most famous and most sought
after copywriters.

The book did well – sales on launch were
over $10k. Unfortunately, every penny
of that went to my partner. I got $0k
directly. You see, he had a list and I
didn’t. (Not asking for sympathy – the
copywriter introduced me to some high
paying clients who wanted help selling
their products on amazon and that led to
some good paydays.)

At that instant though, the big lesson
for me was that this was real. I saw the
power of a list. My partner created a
one page sales letter, sent an email out
to his list and went to bed the next day
with another $10k in his bank account.

So I had a good long look in the mirror
to try and figure out why nothing online
seemed to work for me. It was so
frustrating. After all, I was a
competent person – I made a great living
and had a good reputation in my offline
world – why couldn’t I grow consistent
success as an online marketer?

I realized the answer to that was focus,
mindset and simplicity.

I had spent thousands and thousands of
dollars on courses to make money online.
And yet how many products do you think I
had for sale? Usually none!

I’d go from thing to thing, never just
focusing on one method and giving it a
chance to work.
My mindset was crap. Whenever I hit a
road block, I’d let it stop me. If the
solution wasn’t in the course material
I’d give up and go on to the next thing.

Or I wouldn’t have the patience to
really build the skills I needed.
And because I was a shiny object addict,
my online life was full of clutter and
confusion. Instead of just designing
something stream lined and simple I
would go for the complex. I’d try ten
things instead of just the few things I
should have. I’d end up not finishing

So now I’ve stopped slipping all over the ice.

I’m identifying markets and not niches. I’m
analysing what the markets want before
trying to sell affiliate products or
products of my own. I’ve started list
building as a core fundamental. I use
only super simple systems now and I’m
way more strategic about end to end
product lines than I was before. (As in,
I never even thought of it before.)

And I’m focusing on one system that has laid
it out for me without clutter and
nonsense. Just clarity and support. You
can see it here.

Now I am making money online – even
through the biggest global crisis in
almost a century.

I’m not 100% sure where I’m going. I’m
nervous about starting this blog at the
beginning of this new phase of my online
journey. Talk about feeling exposed.

Anyway, here is my declaration.

In the next twelve months I’m going to build
another online revenue stream and this
one will be minimum $25k monthly.

I am now a solopreneur who doesn’t have
to travel for business and live life
away from where he wants to be.

So if you want to follow along and see
how this develops, check in from time to
time. I’ll post successes and failures.
I want to pay it forward for the success
I’ve enjoyed in life so far, (hint: part
of an attitude reset that has turned
things around for me) so if my
experience can inspire or help anyone
that’s great.

Or maybe make someone laugh, even if I
fall on my face. After all, if you can’t
take a joke, you may as well be one!