I’m going to say I’m probably like 90%
of anyone who has dreamed the dream of
building a successful online business.

You feel the motivation in your core.
Dreaming of not being a slave to a job
you don’t like or enduring a commute to
it. And/or the security of knowing you
won’t run out of money in retirement
because you’ve mastered the ability to
generate revenue using your lap top.

You tell yourself no matter what it
takes, you’ll make this work. A great
quote I’ve heard sums up my resolve:

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years
of your life like most people won’t, so
that you can spend the rest of your life
like most people can’t.” (Anonymous)

To be clear, I haven’t ever put my life
savings into an online business the way
some entrepreneurs risk everything to
build their dreams. But in terms of
commitment to do the work – every waking
minute. In terms of giving up every
leisure activity in order to find the
time to learn and build an online
business – I’ve always been right there.

And even though I have done that – spent
every spare waking moment trying to grow
an online business for years and years –
it didn’t happen. In fact, it didn’t
happen for eight years before anything
really worked.

So why has it been so difficult to get
any kind of traction in this make money
online dream?

I’m not the smartest person in the world
but I like to think I’m a little bit
smart. I understand the concepts of
online marketing and most of the
hundreds of strategies to actually do
it. And there is nothing wrong with my
work ethic. (Well, maybe there is – but
I’ve been accused of being a workaholic
– no one has ever called me lazy.)

The big answer is mindset. I wish I had
not dismissed mindset as airy fairy
stuff for so long. I was convinced I had
the mindset and the drive to just work
my way through until success. Or rather,
I knew I had the drive, which to me was
the only mindset needed.

Mindset is a huge subject and something
for another post. To drill down a little
more, the hard truth was that I had
become a full time online marketing
student. I was consuming course after
course but never truly executing.

Maybe this is another way of describing
“shiny object syndrome”. Buying every
make money online product that comes out
so that you never give anyone one of
them a chance to work.

Anyway, once I started working on
mindset and really trying to understand
why I was always sliding all over the
internet marketing ice and never getting
traction on anything, the biggest truth
in my journey was this:

I consumed. I did not produce.

The people making money – they produce.
They either market their own information
products or they market other people’s
products as affiliates or they sell
physical products online. They all
execute systems to put products in front
of markets and developed the marketing
to entice customers to buy.

I read all about the many, many ways to
make money online. Often, I’d set up the
basic infrastructure being taught and
usually I’d complete the course (many
don’t even do that before they go on and
buy the next thing..). But I would
seldom go further than that.

You can’t just learn about the thing.
You have to get out there and do the
thing. And when the thing isn’t working,
you have to figure out what’s wrong
until you make the thing work.

There are a whole bunch of other mindset
lessons about making this stuff work –
focus, visualization, motivation,
problem solving, smashing through road
blocks, knowing when to stop being the
follower and start assuming independent
responsibility and on and on.

But none of that is important if you
don’t understand that time spent
studying make money online strategies
isn’t going to move you forward unless
you use it to produce and market
something people will buy.

And it isn’t just that you have to
understand this. You have to keep
understanding it.

In my case, after looking in the mirror
and having to admit I was a student of
online marketing and not an online
marketer, I doubled down on the project
I had just started and I executed. It
worked. I created a full time income as
an amazon FBA seller. Happy days.

It all went away and that’s another blog
post. But the point is that I proved to
myself I could make this online thing
work if I actually produced.

Consumers spend money. Producers make

As I write this, it strikes me that it
sounds simple. Maybe no big revelation.
But I’ve met literally hundreds of
people that were doing the same thing as
I was. So perhaps it’s the simple
lessons that are the most valuable.

Seriously, my complacency and/or my
mistaken perception that I was doing the
work (just because I spent all my time
studying the make money online world)
cost me years and thousands and
thousands of dollars.

Today I still have to direct myself not
to keep studying. Yes, there is a
balance – you need to learn how to do
the thing. But you need to act and
execute what you learn. Otherwise you’re
just a consumer.

So whatever project you’ve spent the
most time on in the last month or so.
Dump everything else. Just work on that
model. As you learn something, put it
in place. Then go to the next step,
learn that and put it in place. Just do

Get a mentor. I am convinced it is next
to impossible to be successful if you
don’t have access to a coach or mentor.

Not even so much for the knowledge they
have and you don’t. Just as importantly,
they can keep things clear for us
(because if there’s a way for most of us
to fog the road up we’ll do it…). They
also help us manage and get rid of the
self-limiting beliefs we all have
whether we know it or not – this has
been enormous for me.

PS. If you’re interesting in finding out
more about the coach that is now showing
me the way – insisting that I produce
and not just learn – you can watch the
webinar I watched.
Click here to get started.
He and his team

have made all the difference in the
world for me.

Please feel free to leave a comment
below…what is your biggest road block
to making money online work for you?

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