I’ve been trying to crack the make money
online thing for years so I’ve seen many
of the different make money online
models. I was never really successful
because I suffered from shiny object
syndrome and I ended up being almost a
full time student – always studying
various make money online courses but
very seldom actually doing any of them.

Now that I have a mentor helping me I’m
seeing things much more clearly. And
realizing I don’t have to grab every new
thing that comes out. The fundamentals
pretty much stay the same. And with his
help, I’ve done a little analysis on
myself, to figure out which model I’m
going to concentrate on and move forward

There are so many choices. Too many
choices. It’s no wonder most people just
slide around without ever getting

I spent a few minutes looking at some of
the offers that have made it to my inbox
over the last several months. I’ve
unsubscribed from most of these lists
but while I was getting them I had
offers to learn how to:

Set up an ecommerce empire with my own
shopify store

Sell my own branded products on
platforms like amazon.com

Master facebook ads and become wealthy
through affiliate marketing

Create a physical product “print on
demand” empire (mugs, t-shirts ect)

Create a series of kindle books and
enjoy passive income from selling them

Starting a blog and monetizing it to six
figures annually

Starting my own advertising agency and
handling online marketing for clients

Starting my own advertising agency
specializing in generating leads for
offline businesses

Becoming a funnel design expert and
selling that service to online

Set up a series of mini websites selling
information products

Creating and selling my own information

Creating and selling my own online

Creating a membership site where members
pay me every month for something

Starting and growing a facebook group
that will buy whatever I try to sell

Starting a Private Label Rights company
(producing brandable content for other

Seriously, I spent just fifteen minutes
scanning my inbox over the last couple
of months and I found 15 different
models. If I spent another 15 minutes,
I’d probably find another 15.

It’s enough to make your head explode!!
How in hell do you know what’s going to
work for you??

The truth is, they’ve all worked for
someone. They’re all absolutely viable
models that will work if you apply them.
However, they won’t work if you’re
dabbling, trying them all, and treating
the whole thing like a hobby.

So for success, I’ve got to pick
something, focus on that and make it
work. Here is my thought process in
narrowing all this down into something
that makes sense for me.

Needs To Be Boomer Friendly

First thing, is me. I’m a baby boomer.

I remember a time that seems like
yesterday when we didn’t have internet.
We didn’t even have computers.
Generations after me grew up online and
that younger crowd just simply isn’t
that challenged with the tech. They
intuitively seem to know how to make
software tools work. That’s not me. So
the make money model I choose has to be
simple on the tech side of things.

Also, as a boomer, I’m now well into the
second 50 years of life so I’m not
interested in building an empire that’s
going to take years and years of effort.
I understand money isn’t coming
overnight but I need a model that will
generate cash flow in a few months.

Finally, again as a boomer, I think I’ve
got a bit of wisdom – the kind of smarts
you can only get with life experience
(OK Boomer…:) ). That’s a positive.

However, my mind is not programmed or
suitable to understand complex business
models and unlike ten and twenty years
ago, I don’t function well if I don’t
get a good night’s sleep. So I don’t
want to be working 18 hour days. I’ve
got that T-shirt. I need to enjoy life.
So my online strategy has to be executed
with no more than 40 hours a week (and
hopefully less than that).

Now time to drill down and find

In broad terms, the 15 models above are
selling either physical products,
information products, or services.

Providing a service model

I’ve been an international consultant
for twenty years and I think I’ve had
enough of having to answer to clients.
Nothing wrong with it – I’m just looking
for a more independent revenue model
now. Having a marketing agency means
having to produce for clients – so I’m
not going to even consider any service

Selling Physical Products Model

I have some experience with physical
products. I sold a couple of my own
brands on amazon for a few years and
actually had success.

On the positive side, ecommerce is
exploding right now. It was already
growing at astronomical rates before the
pandemic. When everyone was stuck at
home they all went online and now
ecommerce is in the stratosphere.

So there is definitely enormous
opportunity there.

On the negative side, selling your own
products on amazon means a big capital
outlay months and months before any
return – and the return isn’t

The other huge issue with this model is
that amazon controls your business. They
can (and do) arbitrarily decide they
don’t like something about your listing
and they turn the lights out. So for
those two reasons, I won’t go back to
selling on amazon.

My own store using the shopify platform
is also not something that interests me.

At least with amazon, the traffic is
already there and even better, it’s
buyer traffic. For shopify, you have to
drive your own traffic and compete with
big brands. Most shopify store owners
actually don’t make much money. So
again, this doesn’t make my cut.

I could sell other people’s physical
products as an affiliate marketer. And I
might – but this doesn’t strike me as
the overall framework for my online
business. Affiliate commissions for
physical products aren’t nearly as
lucrative as they are for information

Print On Demand might be interesting

A print on demand physical products
business is kind of interesting. You
don’t have to buy any inventory before
you sell it so that’s a big plus. (You
sell it first, then a service creates
the product and ships it for you.) And
print on demand type products are huge.

The price point is cheap but the margins
are good. The pandemic has caused huge
unemployment but everyone is still going
to get their loved ones a gift – a
personalized mug with a clever design is

This model makes my final list. I’ve
found a platform that is making some
sellers a lot of money and I’ll look at
this more closely. More details on this
one in a later post.

That’s it for this post.

Based on my personality, interests,
history and status in life, I’m not
interested in any model that delivers a
marketing service to a client. I don’t
want the hassle of buying inventory and
dealing with inventory for a physical
products business so for me the amazon
model is no longer something I’m
interested in. Or my own shopify store.

But the print on demand model makes the
final list.

Next post, I’ll drill down on the
various information product models and
come up with my make money online model
for the coming year.


If you’re interested in checking out the
mentor helping me figure all this out
and the proven system I’m using to
finally build a profitable online
business, you can click here and watch
the webinar that gave me focus, clarity
and a plan.

Please feel free to comment below. Do you have any
strategies for picking the right make money online model for you?

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